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love doesn't hurt, so i know i'm not falling in love.

i'm just falling to pieces.

heaven sent
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stab my back, it's better when I bleed for you.

about me;
my name is erika.
i'm thirteen. i'm in middle school and i like it. i'm not normal.
i don't really plan on ever being normal. normal is overrated anyway.
i like graphic designing, i don't think i'm any good at it though.
i also like four-wheeling and video games. i listen to music too
much for my own good and most of my friends think it's abnormal
that i almost never have my television on. the internet is my
best friend. i'm one of those type of people who's almost never
offline. so if you can't tell, i'm not very athletic, at all.
my favorite color is black and my favorite band is evanescence.

36 crazyfists, alexz johnson, all-american rejects, armor for
sleep, brand new, breaking benjamin, a change of pace, crossfade,
evanescence, fall out boy, from first to last, goo goo dolls,
good charlotte, green day, hawthorne heights, hellogoodbye,
hidden in plain view, jamison parker, kelly clarkson, kittie,
kutless, lifehouse, linkin park, lostprophets, my chemical
romance, panic! at the disco, papa roach, relient K, seether,
slipknot, something corporate, switchfoot, taking back sunday,
the dresden dolls, the spill canvas, the used

bri- i miss joey. he's gone to the big carnival in the sky now.
thumbs! thumbs are scary! so are serial killer clowns and
orange fingernail polish that is called hot tamale. yep.
tom- do you remember that one time when i colored orangeburg
purple and made up a stalker cat named edward? good times,
gooddddd timessssss
beth- "this is beth, this is erika, and this is madden."
karla- " is that good popcorn?" "mmhmm."
rikku- hey xzibit, can i work with you?
tell me if you want me to add you to this, and i most
likely will. ^^

tom is my black soul brotha
rikku is my black soul siblin
gentry and ron are my sock sistas
beth is my twin
i vote for karla

credits and links;
all credits have been moved to icon journal info: forgiveme_____

forgiveme_____ is my graphic journal with amnesia_516, vivi_eiko, and emz_52

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iconfiend100 post; lenne

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